Grogan & Associates, Inc., founded in 1981, is a full-service New York property management company specializing in the field of cooperative and condominium residences. With offices in midtown Manhattan, Grogan & Associates currently manages 15 residential properties throughout the New York City area.

Property Management is in our DNA

Our founder, John J. Grogan, began with a simple premise that effective and responsive property management services can only be provided by competent, thoroughly experienced property managers with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of New York real estate, backed up by equally experienced office staff.

A Grogan Associates property manager is not only aware of the nuances of the business but is specifically trained to objectively anticipate and analyze all issues, thereby bringing a depth of knowledge and expertise to the continuously changing nature of the board and property being served.

Our principal, Tim Grogan, manages and oversees the individual property managers and assists to each agent in preparing the annual budget. In addition, Tim handles capital and emergency projects for every property.

Supporting our managed properties with apartment sales, rentals, and listings

Our affiliate company, Grogan Homes, provides sales, rentals, and listings to the tenants of our managed and non-managed properties.

Grogan Homes is led by Ellen Halperin, who is an accomplished and knowledgeable industry veteran. Grogan Homes has a deep pulse of the Manhattan sales and rental landscape, from valuations to the nuances of its diverse neighborhoods. Clients of Grogan Homes know they are in good hands as customer service is at the forefront of its operations.

Grogan Homes provides our clients with Comparative Analysis, Local Knowledge, and Marketing Services, as well as a listing on our website.

Key Team Members

Timothy C. Grogan

President and CEO

Tim is a graduate of Iona College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Marketing. Tim has been with the firm since 1987 and is currently the President and CEO of the firm. Aside from his Corporate duties, Tim currently manages a portfolio of properties, as well as overseeing the budget process with Paul Taylor.

Paul Taylor


Paul is a graduate of Baruch College with a Bachelor of Administration with a concentration in Accounting. Paul joined the firm in 1988, as an assistant to the Controller and became the company’s controller in 1994. He is currently in charge of all back office accounting operations for all properties and is also in charge of all corporate finance and accounting for the firm.

Ahmad Nahez

Accounting Manager

Ahmad is a graduate of Hunter College where he received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He has been with the firm since 2003 and has worked as the Accounts Receivable Manager and Payroll Manager.

Ellen Halperin

Sales Agent for Grogan Homes

Ellen Halperin joined Grogan Homes 15 years ago after working for 25 years in sales and marketing in the home textile industry. Ellen believes that no matter what industry you are from it is all about servicing the customer. Whether she is listing a property for her seller or locating the perfect home for her buyer, Ellen is committed to making the end result a positive one.