Selling Your Home?

Comparative Analysis

We at Grogan Homes take a great deal of pride in the accuracy of our comparative analysis. Often referred to as an appraisal (a document from a certified appraiser), a comparative analysis is an evaluation of the relative value of your property used to determine the listing price by a real estate broker.

When preparing to put your home on the market, the temptation is to get the highest analysis you can. Listing with the agent that gives you the highest number does not ensure your selling your home for the highest price. In fact, one could argue that the highest sale price is achieved with the most accurate analysis. An over-valued listing price may sit on the market for too long and may need a price adjustment to make it more attractive. When a listing price is, cut, and possibly cut again, it can actually reduce the perceived value of the property.

Local Knowledge

At Grogan Homes we have an in-depth knowledge of New York City’s residential real estate. Grogan & Associates Inc. (the parent company of Grogan Homes) has been a manager of residential property since 1981. Most of our listings come from properties we manage. No one knows these buildings better than we do. Our intimate knowledge of these properties, their infrastructure and Board policies gives us an advantage in determining the real sale point of your home.

Marketing Your Apartment

At Grogan Homes, we are dedicated to marketing your apartment in every medium possible. Our sales force is unique in that we provide the hands-on, personalized service needed to guide you through the sale of you home. Here is what our Sales Associates can do for you:

  • List your apartment on the Grogan Homes newly expanded Website
  • Advertise your apartment in the Sunday New York Times
  • Hold weekly “Open Houses” for customers and brokers
  • Market your apartment to everyone in the Manhattan brokerage community
  • Offer a free evaluation and analysis of your apartment based on comparable sales within your building and the surrounding community stakes that could result in costly fixes.