Our Company Profile

We are a full service residential management company specializing in the field of cooperative and condominium residences. With offices in midtown Manhattan, Grogan & Associates, Inc., currently manages just over 20 properties throughout New York City and Westchester with both residential and commercial owners and tenants.

Our founder, John J. Grogan, began with a simple premise that effective and responsive management services can only be provided by competent, thoroughly experienced managers with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of New York real estate, backed up by equally experienced office staff. A Grogan Associates manager is not only aware of the nuances of the business, but is specifically trained to objectively anticipate and analyze all issues, thereby bringing a depth of knowledge and expertise to the continuously changing nature of the board and property being served.

Recently we have expanded our management functions to the Asset Management area by providing much of the same services of property management to owners and investors of unsold shares in co-ops and condominium alike. The Company currently manages over 500 of these types of units, which has also enhanced the market presence for its affiliate Grogan Homes. The division has become an immediate source of future business for both sides of the business, management and sales.
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